Jacqueline Pinto


Custom Engagement Jewelry Is A Specialty Of Ours!

Jacqueline has found great success in designing engagement and wedding bands that are made to tell a little story about the special people who will wear these fine pieces of high quality jewelry.  One of her greatest strengths lies in sitting down with her clients and being able to make their wants into a reality.  The process will seem as though this is a simple, effortless task, because Jacqueline will present choices while educating her clients with information that will add quality and value to their purchase.

The process of engagement rings has been carefully crafted into three easy steps to enable the best purchase for her valued customers.  In a time that most people feel stressed, we will be sure to add security and trust in your purchase.  Let us help you and make this an experience of a lifetime.  Any custom piece of jewelry is neither too big nor too small, from revamping an heirloom jewelry piece to creating something entirely new, that is what we are here for.

All of our wedding services can be scheduled by appointment with our concierge team, via phone or email.  


From the designer when asked how she designs her pieces...

When designing pieces I usually like to leave them on my desk for some time…I take time to get to know the subject I am designing for.  I let it marinate and then like a thunderbolt…I let inspiration hit me.  It all just comes together.  A symphony goes on in my head and I am able to create something in my mind and translate it into the real world, as if it always existed and I am just bringing it out for others to see. I don’t look for perfection as we know it, but I look to bring each jewelry piece to life with color and dimension.”

“There should always be a little something in an engagement ring or wedding band that is special or unique and represents that specific couple.”

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