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Jacqueline Pinto’s artistry specializes in creating custom and one of a kind custom Jewelry Concierge Pieces for her clients. It starts with a simple one on one meeting where we take down important information: timeline, budget, design inspiration and needs. From there the adventure will continue with illustrations, wax molds and approvals until the final creation is in your hands.

If you are interested in using our Concierge Services, set up an appointment in our Miami jewelry studio.
Please Email:  info@jacquelinepinto.com

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Upon meeting Jacqueline for your first design consultation, the questions are not just about jewelry; she’ll ask about your life, your passions, and your inspirations. Those personal details are part of the custom jewelry Miami process and are often transformed into unique details in the custom design Jacqueline creates for you.

When Jacqueline pinto creates your custom jewelry, it’s not just one-of-a-kind; you genuinely inspire it. It’s your life and passions translated into a unique custom jewelry Miami design that couldn’t belong to anyone else. Each custom piece of jewelry is an inspiration of heirloom quality that will become part of you when you wear it because it will portray your life experiences in a ring, necklace, and more, all inspired by a custom design process.

You don’t need to precisely know what you want to begin this creative process. The master jeweler Jacqueline will brainstorm with you to expertly guide the custom design direction, curate a selection of custom diamonds or gemstones. And, Jacqueline will create it right there in her boutique/ jewelry store, making the finished piece truly yours from start to finish.

Jacqueline can redesign your family heirloom, custom engagement ring, highest quality wedding band,  precious metals and many more.

Every day clients’ memories of the past and future are captured in jewelry designs. Jacqueline creates custom rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more.

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custom jewelry design

We are ranked among the best custom jewelry stores in the Miami area. We will help you with custom jewelry design for Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces, and earrings

Engagement Rings

You made the best decision of your life, and you want to reach out to the best Miami jewelry, you have come to the right place. Our jewelry consultants will help you.

Wedding Bands

You are preparing for your big day, and you want a piece that will portray who you are as a couple and your journey. You are in the right custom jewelry in Florida.


We can absolutely use your stones to remake a piece. Find the perfect personalized jewelry.

We like to take the old into the new.  I always like to examine the piece to ensure that we definitely use the piece to make a new one. The only cases we can not use a client’s piece is if we see many issue with engineering, for it implies that much soder was used and this could damage the quality of the gold hence, not allowing us to approve to use it for a future piece.

Should you need to be sized, we will ship a ring sizer directly to the client who cannot make it to our office.  They will then send us a picture wearing the ring sizer at the desired size.  Should you need any help in the process, you can always call us as you try it on.  Feel free to call us for custom designs from your wedding ring to your family ring.

We try to make the process come to life as much as possible when designing custom pieces. In order that when the end result is presented to the client, it is only perfection.  We go over all the details in the contact: width, height, stones ...etc. etc, so that the client knows exactly what the final product will be.  This contract is only done once I have a full understanding of the client’s wants and needs.  Because once we commence the project, all details are final except if caught in the process(for which we have stipulations in our contract).  

Our concierge pieces have multiple ways of being paid for.  Our most common:A deposit of 50% of the amount agreed is paid in order to commence the project. The final 50% is due so that we may ship it out or when we turn it in to our client. 

Concierge Pieces are final. However, our line items can be exchanged for a store credit within 14days of ordering the piece.  

We have successfully scheduled clients via Zoom and been able to design great concierge pieces.  However, for those who prefer, we have our private salon that is only by appointment. We limit our meetings to two people in our salon.  Our guests will be kept at a safe distance to ensure CDC guidelines. After our appointments, our salon is cleaned and sanitized for  our next scheduled client. 

Each custom piece comes with different timelines, depending on the intricacy of the piece.  However, there are certain standards we try to keep to.  Engagement rings, usually take 4-6 weeks. Collection pieces usually take 2 weeks.  More intricate pieces take about 8-12 weeks.  

We do not buy back any stones, for we design for particular stones. However, we can help you look for new diamonds and look for a trade in value for yours and you can determine if this is a suitable amount for you.

We can schedule a Zoom meeting to discuss initial details.  When we have options, we will send videos and photos to make your options come to life and help educate you in order to make the best decision in our second meeting. Once all details are agreed upon, we send out clients a contract.  We will then go along our custom jewelry miami process to and when the time comes, the piece will be shipped out to our client.  We are located in Miami and we serve nationally and intenationally. You can schedule a visit if you are in the Miami area: Coral Gables, Bal Harbor, Miami Beach, Surfside, among others.

Each one of our Concierge pieces have a sku number so that if we see a recurring problem we can rightly  correct it should it be a design flaw.  However, our line pieces come as is as we do a final inspiration to each piece to ensure that our pieces are being sent out with the utmost quality. 

We include appraisals for any item over $1,000.

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