Jacqueline Pinto

About the Company

Jacqueline Pinto, LLC is a fine Jewelry brand based in Miami, FL. Jacqueline’s great love for fine jewelry was ignited by her grandmother’s stories about her precious pieces. Jacqueline graduated from Florida International University in 2005 with a bachelor’s in Psychology. However, her creativity could not be contained much longer. She’s started her line in costume jewelry, but shortly after decided to make the change into the Fine Jewelry World. She wanted to create beautiful pieces of jewelry that could be handed down from one generation to next and maintain value and artistic integrity over time. Jacqueline has had the honor of attending one of her inspirational Master’s school, Van Clef and Arpels, L’Ecole school of jewelry arts. With 10 years of experience in fine jewelry, Jacqueline has concentrated in providing the very best quality and care into each one of her client’s pieces with her name sake. With a growing family and great business goals to achieve, Jacqueline’s goal is not only to leave a mark in Miami, but in the whole jewelry industry. Today, Jacqueline has a team of 5 fine jewelry bench workers that help make every creation of Jacqueline’s into a reality, all while keeping her production in Miami.


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